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With this new trick, I have combined moved from two very famous players in their time. Of course Cristiano Ronaldo is one of best, if not the best in peoples minds, players in the world. However, Sir Stanley Matthews was often regarded as one of the greatest players of the English game, he is the only player to have been knighted while still playing, as well as being the first winner of both the European Footballer of the Year and the Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year awards. Matthews' nicknames included "The Wizard of the Dribble" and "The Magician".


Learn The Matthews Scissor:

➡ Step 1: Standing sideways on, bend knees to jump forwards.

➡ Step 2: Place ball in front of back foot and repeat step 1.

➡ Step 3: Perform scissor with kicking foot straight from step 2.

➡ Step 3: Body facing forwards, touch ball away with outside foot.


Remember: Slow down on approach to opponent with this move yet on step 4, you need to accelerate away to beat him/he

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