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Senda Athletics is an offical sponsor of Skillz and Drillz. 


What is Senda?

Senda combine best-in-class materials with unparalleled craftsmanship to produce high performance, durable goods. i.e soccer balls.


What do Senda make?

Sendas main focus is on the complete production of soccer balls. Ranging from the outdoor game, to indoor with futsal, beach and street soccer too.


What Senda stands for?

"Senda was started with a clear goal: disrupt the industry by embracing Fair Trade, bringing back craftsmanship, promoting joyfully playing, and improving lives along the way."


"With Fair Trade Certification, we support our producers through improved livelihoods and community develpment. Learn more at​."


How did I get connected with Senda and what is our partnership?

When I started thinking about the idea of Skillz and Drillz, I wanted to create a vision and environment where I'm setting the right exaple to kids everywhere. I wanted to do my part in the "going green" theme. I did some research and found Santiago.


Santi was just starting out with Senda also so I thought I would reach out to him to see if we could work together. I'm happy I can be a part of Senda's journey and also to share to my fans and follwers our story too. 


Senda provide me with balls and gear to use in my videos. You will see the introduction before my videos highlighting Senda's involvement. 


Make sure you try the Senda balls. I have used them ever since.


Web:   Senda Shop:


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