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Audax Players, 

Check out our Beginner Basics videos series. Try and master one move a week by performing the skill with both your left and right foot.

If you want to make a video, please tag us on IG @skillzanddrillz and @audaxsoccerclub

When we are back on the fields, you can show your Skillz to your fellow teammates and coaches.

Good luck! 


Week 1: 3 Soccer Turns

Inside Hook, Outside Hook and the Pull-Back

These 3 turns are commonly used in a soccer game across all ages and abilities. Although simple, it's important to break down the turns, part by part, to have better execution of each trick.

Performing these turns can happen anywhere on the soccer field. You use these turns to simply take the ball away from an opponent. You will also notice that you use the inside, outside and bottom of your feet more with other tricks too.

These turns start off beginner but you can become advanced with quicker execution and better control. Give it a go.

Week 2: The Scissors

Learn the "Single" and "Double Scissors"

This tutorial will show you how to perform a trick on the move. The Scissors is an effective way of faking your opponent into going one direction. This trick has a single and double trick to it and can be easily learned after watching the video. 


In a game situation, the scissors should be performed in the attacking half of the field and you should always accelerate away from the opponent after faking. 

Week 3: The Ronaldo Chop

Learn a move from Cristiano Ronaldo

The Ronaldo Chop is a fascinating trick that can beat and turn opponents in a second. Named after the famous Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid, the Ronaldo Chop is an effective trick that can be used anywhere in the attacking side of the field. 


When playing on the wings, this trick can be used to cut inside a defender. Once inside, you can shoot on goal or like Cristiano may do, cut back again to the outside for a cross. A pretty hard skill to be consistent at, but practice loads and attempt to beat your opponent many times.

Week 4: Juggling - The Basics

The How To

Juggling a soccer ball can be one of the most hardest things to do. After some practice and the right pointers, you will have good form and high scoring juggles.


The key is not to get ahead of yourself.


Spend hours correcting your technique and then try to set a score when your ready. I see many kids having a record of 25+ but their form is not great.


Try both feet and be comfortable hitting 20 juggles before moving onto your thighs and other parts of your body.

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