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Diego Maradona is a retired Argentine soccer player player, which considered by many, was one of the best players in the world. He, like many other top class players, has many soccer tricks to his name.


In part 1 of this tutorial you will learn the famous Maradona 360 Spin. Follow the 5 simple steps to achieve success. This trick looks hard at full speed but as you see, I break it down into steps for effective learning. 


Once you master the Maradona, have a go at The 'Zidane' Trick. This is part 2 of this tutorial. 


The Maradona uses a 360 degree exit path. The Zidane trick will use a 90 degree exit path. Each time you execute a trick, it can't always be exact, to the degree. Use my steps and tips, and you will be on your way to beating everyone else around you.. just like Maradona and Zidane.

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